Marketing Your Product

Start Where Your At

Every business needs to start somewhere.  Some of the best small business ideas begin right where they're at.  For many of us, learning how to start a business begins with things we are familiar with. Building trust with your target audience is key.


  1. Always stay on the cutting edge! Whether it’s a new product, a new display, or a new concept, customers love to find things that are new and unique!! 
  2. Keep the things that are selling well, and rotate out those that are not. 
  3. Keep products updated.  
  4. Keep up with the latest trends 
  5. Gift trends go in and out all of the time. Shop around and be watching for those trends. Instagram, Pinterest, is a great market for what’s trending. 
  6. Keep up with multiple types of media. Sayings trending from hit movies, songs, authors, videos - catch and keep the interest of customers.
  7. Keep quotes, lines, sayings and phrases updated. Always keep up on new sayings. 
  8. Copying another vendor’s product is not hip nor good etiquette. 
  9. Research your audience. Do your homework, find out and target the audience of the area,  cultural trends, and demographic.  Is your demographic mainly female, married with children, in the 30 to 40 year range?  Tailor your products toward the interests of your targeted audience at every event. 
  10. Be aware that some items may saturate the market.  
  11. Do your homework on pricing. Demand is what sets the price. The higher the demand, the the higher the price range may go. Do a survey, research, shop around, visit other markets and events, ask others, find out what others may price their product at or price similar types of products to get a feel and range of the demand and pricing.  Your target audience sets the demand. Know your audience; know your price.
  12. Be flexible and ready to change with demand and trends. Price things according to these changes.
  13. The price of what people will pay for the same product depends on your targeted audience and your established trust with them.  New vendors, or newer market coordinators may benefit to price things a little lower, to attract the demand.  In General, lower priced items almost always sell well,  However, keeping a balanced variety of prices on items, gives you options and room to compensate to offset sales in different areas of your products or business. 
  14. Self-Check-Out is, for many vendors, an attractive form of monetary transaction. Vendors can have a level certainty and feel of total control over their final checkout interactions with customers. Vendors may feel the need to answer last minute questions, put in their personal touch and signature customer service with their patron: from the time customer visits their booth, up until the final sales, and the leaving of their store. Self Check Out lets the vendor have the last impact and impression on their valuable customer. 
  15. More Tips are on the Way! Stay tuned!
  16. Let us know what you think! We're ready to listen to our suggestions!

Learn More

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Advertising the Event

Start Where You're At

Social Media


 Let's face it, you're on Facebook!

  1. Download or share the  Sweet Bee Event's market and event digital post or flyer for the event. Share and repost the post  onto your personal feed. 
  2. Make sure to comment, letting your friends know to support you and your business at the event. 
  3. Tell all of your friends to share the post with everyone. 
  4. Remember to repost two weeks before, and then daily, a week up to the date of the event.  
  5. Share the created Event for the market that Sweet Bee has created.
  6. Invite everyone to the Event.
  7. Invite friends to like  FB page.
  8. Like and share posts from the Sweet Bee Event Facebook page.

Instagram: Get the telegram? You need Instagram.

  1.  Download and post the Sweet Bee Event post to your Instagram feed.  
  2. Download different versions of the event advertisement.
  3. Depending on the amount of time before the event, post once a week.
  4. If possible, post a different version of the event once a week.
  5. Two to three weeks before the event, post a different version daily.
  6. Use relevant hashtags
  7. DM to Invite Instagram friends to your event.
  8. Tag friends on to the Sweet Bee event announcements you posted to IG account.
  9. Follow  and like the event posts.


  1. Share posts from the website onto your FB feed.
  2. Use the FB share buttons on the website to share onto your FB.
  3. Copy the URL in the address bar the website. Paste to your FB feed to  share.
  4. Click the Edit button on Instagram and locate the "website" box.  
  5. Type: into your Instagram website box to share with others.


  1. Outreach, Inform, invite (TBA)
  2. Vendors (TBA )
  3. Customers (TBA)

Word of Mouth

  1. Friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. (TBA)


  1. Receive email flyers from Sweet Bee to print and distribute, 
  2. Attend a Vendor Meeting to pick up hard copy fliers to distribute (TBA).
  3. (Stay tuned form information on proper flyer distribution & etiquette)

Yard Signs

  1. Attend a Vendor Meeting to pick up Yard Signs to distribute  (TBA)
  2. (Stay tuned form information on proper Yard Sign placement & distribution)

Outside Sales SBE

  1. (TBA)


  1. (TBA)


  1.  (TBA)


  1. (TBA)


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