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The World Needs Your Creativity!

Makers, Handmade vendors, handcrafters, artisans, & entrepreneurs show case your work at the Farmhouse Christmas Market!  

Located at the Legacy Events Center- Building No. 2 - in Farmington, UT.  The LEC is located behind, and to the south of Station Park, a busy shopping, eatery, and restaurant local.

Admission is free to the public.

Booths are on "First come, first served" basis. We do not hold booths. Purchase in order to reserve your booth spot. 

For more Q & A scroll down below for "Commonly Asked Questions".

For more information on our juried handmade market and criteria see our Application Criteria page.

Be sure to click & read the General Information below, as well as the Terms & Conditions.

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Handmade crafters - continue to use coupon code: CRAFT to receive a 60% discount off the regular price of $100.  You pay 65% less than competing craft & holiday boutiques, at $110. 

Security: No Additional Fee 

Don't pay extra fees! No more jumping through hoops - you already have enough work to do. Security: We won't charge you any additional fees for security, no additional hassles to help keep the event secure - we supply the security, because your job is taking care of your business. 


To help ensure customers visit our event, and bring in extra traffic, we offer some Team Effort strategies for our vendors.  Vendors, click here to get Vendor Marketing Tips & Strategies on helping make this event successful!

Q & A

Commonly Asked Questions


  • 1. Q: What size is the booth?
  • A: The booth space available is 8x8 ft. 

  •  2. Q: I'm Interested: Can you hold a booth for me?
  • A: Booths are on a "first come-first serve" basis. So we don't hold booths. Purchase to reserve your booth. 😊

  • 3. Q: Can I sell food?
  • A: Yes, but only if it's wrapped/sealed/packaged.  You don't need a food handlers permit for this.

  • 4. Q: Can I sell concession food?
  • A: Yes, but you will need to fill out an application with the LEC, have FH permit, & insurance.

  • 5. Q: How many people will attend the event?
  • A:  The Legacy Events Center in Farmington is in a very nice community and is a well known location. This location allows us to draw customers from the SLC area as well as the Weber/Davis areas. In Building #2, we have over 10,000 Square feet for our market.  
  • The LEC is located behind/south of Station Park (west of Lagoon), which a high traffic shopping & restaurant local.  In addition, the LEC is a well known craft market/event destination, with upwards of hundreds of visitors for such events.

  • 6. Q: What is the cost?  
  • A: The cost of the event is $100.

  • 7.Q:  Is there a discount of coupon of Handcraft Vendors?
  • A: Yes, Use the code: CRAFT at the online checkout when you Shop to purchase.

  • 8. Q: What are you doing to market this event?
  • A: Currently, we use social media, SM ads, a local magazine ad, word of mouth, etc. For the public, as the event draws closer we will run the ad on local radio, flyers, yard signs, etc, and continue to use current marketing methods.  We are working towards outdoor media such as a billboard, however, these costs depend on you: initial Vendor turn out.

  • 9. Q. What furniture and shelving am I allowed to have? 
  • A: You may bring what ever furniture you like, so long as is it fits within your purchased booth space.  However, the furniture must be stable and safe. 
  • For a purchase of $10, the LEC will provide a 8x2 ft table.  Chairs are $5.00.  

  • 10. Q. Where do vendors park?
  • A: Vendors park in the BACK (South-East) parking lots, behind Building #2.

  • 11. Q. Where do vendors enter to load and set up?
  • A: Vendors load through the garage door located in the back (south-east) of Building #2, accessed from the back parking lot.


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